What is Fodder?
Fodder is a blog about what's on the front page of the world's and South Africa's newspapers from the perspective of zablogger. The slant will be South African but we cannot stick our head in the sand and ignore what's happening internationally so there will also be lots of international news.

Who is zablogger?
zablogger is the contributor to Fodder, proudly South African he lives in South Africa a short distance outside one of the major cities and is an avid consumer of news in all formats.

zaBlogger does not aim to please nor to pander to any group, belief structure, etc. He will write things as he sees them and it is important to remember that it is not his intention to shock, it is just that he believes that most often the news media get it wrong. Either the wrong perspective, they haven’t thought it through, failed to connect the dots or some times just plain wrong.

You are welcome to disagree with his views and feedback is encouraged.