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June 17, 2004



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bill rags

clinton was escaping vietnam in russia, but he won over herbert walker bush. what is so great about a nerd like kerry. I look for 4 more years with bush

bill rags

clinton was excaping viet nam in russia but he won over herbert walker bush. what is so great about a nerd like kerry. I look for 4 more years with bush


Hey all. You've got a visitor here from the states. If you want an American's opinion on why Kerry isn't smoking Bush in the polls, it's because Kerry has no platform. His main argument is to get Bush out of office, and that pretty much only works on the party-line breakdown of the country, which is more or less neck and neck right now. Furthermore, he's attempting to pander to moderate Republicans and his attempts are pretty transparent, so for as much as he takes from the Repubs, he's probably losing as much from the Dems.

That said, my hunch is that Kerry will get in. Polls are about even right now, but I have a a feeling people will be more compelled to actually go vote to get Bush OUT than to keep Bush IN. Kerry himself isn't really a factor.

If Bush gets in again, early forecast is that Hilary Clinton's an ace in the hole for 2008. Personally, I'd feel better with Kerry, no matter how useless he is, than a Bush w/ Clinton chaser.

That said, I won't be voting for either candidate, because neither of them have earned my vote. I'll either vote third-party or write in "Nobody".



I agree 100% and my fear is that Kerry is also an idiot. Certainly I’m not very sure what the major differences between the two of them are, except that Kerry has actually fought in a war. These new democrats (and new labour) have moved so close to the centre that they are now brushing up against the Republicans and Tories.

The bad news for Bush has been happening for most of this year and unless Bush shoots the chairman of the NRA live on Fox news nothing is going to beat him.

Bottom line the Democrats are completely useless and I don't see much hope for them. Some will say Hillary Clinton, but I'm not so. If they can’t have at least a double-digit lead at the moment then maybe they should just dis-band and start again.

Further if the GOP plays it right they can possibly control the white house for the next generation? With the odd single term Democrat pres every so often?

Bush is not an idiot and is surrounded by very clever advisors. However he is most definitely not a smart cookie, but then you don’t need to be. My problem with him is his politics; his views on how to achieve world peace and economic growth bother me intensely as does almost everything else he stands for.

That all said I am preparing myself for another four years of him, unless he decides to change the US constitution to give himself a third term, or maybe we get his brother when he's done…


The Democratic party has had over three years to choose the best person to run for president against Pres Bush. The news for Bush has been terrible for about 2 months. Most South Africans think Bush is an idiot. So why is Kerry not 20 points ahead?

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